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Aug 28, 2009

Know your Movers

A lot of people living in the Middle East tend to relocate at some point of time in their lives. According to a survey conducted by Manpower Middle East, the motivation for people moving from other countries to UAE and within UAE were centered primarily on salary and career advancement opportunities. Moving and relocation in Abu Dhabi is a very sustained, perplexing and necessitating activity. Because of the increasing amount of people relocating every single year, local and international relocation services came into being. Local and international movers both provide packaging and storage facilities.

Most moving services in Abu Dhabi at least are available at beck and call. They are very flexible and can go out of the way to accommodate your belongings. They ship, store, pack and deliver according to each client’s personal requirement. Each storage entry and client visit is systematically recorded in their systems to avoid confusion and mishaps. Good for us, the prices of these services are highly competitive. One such storage solution company in Abu Dhabi that provides all these facilities and more is The Box.

Our storage solutions at The Box are diversified into moving / removals, packaging, transport and document / inventory management. We adhere to stringent rules when it comes to the classification of goods at our storage facility in Abu Dhabi. Renowned for our strategic attempt at space conservation, we at The Box are also known for appreciating the advice of our customers, about how best we can deal with their storage issues. After all, customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority.

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