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Dec 16, 2009

Corrugate Boxing: Manufacturer Style

So much can be done with corrugated boxes, but manufacturers often face a problem when they order standard sized boxes for product storage.

Every product is unique in terms of size, shape and fragility. For these reasons your products need an altered form of protection. Scanning the internet for the perfect corrugate box for your product is often a futile activity. Therefore, the next best solution to your boxing problem is a custom-made box.

Many storage companies in Abu Dhabi provide different kinds of storage solutions at an inexpensive rate. But ours sees to the fact that every box outsourced to your company has dimensional accuracy and high strength to be able to carry the weight it is designed to hold. We provide customized storage solutions in UAE to many companies. And if our customers want to manufacture the boxes themselves, we also have corrugate boxing material for their purposes.

I have got to be frank and say that ordering custom made boxes from a company that has been doing so since a long time makes much more sense than trying to set up your own system for the production of the same. Ordering custom-made boxes also lets you save up finances that can be used for other purposes.

Ours is a storage company in Abu Dhabi that provides many services related to storage as well. Providing packaging material in Abu Dhabi is also a division of service that we are known for in Abu Dhabi. We are called- The Box.

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