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Dec 9, 2009

Do You Really Need Onsite Assistance?

Relocation in Abu Dhabi involves taking responsibility of a bundle of duties, none of which would be easy. But the 1st job that stands in line before the rest is the estimation of the stuff that needs to be moved to the desired location. Many moving services in Abu Dhabi have brilliant customer care services. You don’t even have to meet the representative…your questions can always be answered on the phone.

But there are some facilities in Abu Dhabi that forcefully send an agent to your home for an onsite check of the number of goods you will be loading into the truck. All these agents do is barge into the home and start measuring your items and calculating the number of things to be moved. Then they estimate the amount you will have to pay. This is clearly not necessary (according to a review created on the customer feedback, received over the years by some of the famous storage facilities in Abu Dhabi).

A good storage facility is one that gives you a choice of whether you need assistant to help you or not. It isn’t difficult to calculate what goes into the truck and what stays… is it? They why hire an assistant and shell out cash for a job that can be easily done by you, enjoyably, together with your family?

The customer service representatives at our Abu Dhabi storage company The Box provides estimates directly on the phone. They are available to help you with any queries you might have.

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