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Dec 26, 2009

Abu Dhabi Also Makes Room for Document Storage and Archival

The Box is one of the few storage companies in Abu Dhabi to offer paper document archival and storage services.

Various personal possessions and office items require some space for storage which is not commonly found. Even the capital of UAE, faces a similar problem. People and corporates out here require storage facilities in Abu Dhabi for paper document storage and archival purposes. Because most of the documents produced today are computer generated, people find it hard to find a facility in the city that provides storage for old paper documents.
The Box is one of the few storage companies to offer various paper document storage services in Abu Dhabi. Whether you need to store many files or many boxes of files, this storage company will be able to fulfill your needs.
Even document archiving isn’t a problem at this storage solution in Abu Dhabi, as you will find somebody at The Box to assist you every time you require something. People find the best use for document storage in Abu Dhabi when they do not have extra room in their homes or when they need to use part of their home as their office. Corporates also prefer storing their important documents at such places because of the tight security measures implemented at storage facilities.
The Box is a reputed self storage company in Abu Dhabi. They offer diverse solutions like self-storage, removals, packaging, transportation, documentary/inventory management and many other services. The Box is strategically located in the Al Quoz area, central to the boundaries of Abu Dhabi.
For more information on their services, visit: www.storageinabudhabi.com.
Image credit: www.flickr.com

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