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Dec 2, 2009

Bubble Wrap Your Goods to Safety

The ‘bubble wrap’ is known to everyone right from kids to adults. The popping of the plastic bubbles as a game is still a significant childhood memory for many. To my surprise, I also came across a little fact that the world celebrates ‘bubble wrap appreciation day’ on the 26th of January!

Bubble wrap was made for many reasons. The evenly spread air bubbles on every sheet can easily protect delicate and break-able items. They also provide safety by working as shock absorbers for a variety of items during transportation. Many people use bubble wrap as packaging material in Abu Dhabi simply because of it is economical to do so and fulfills the purpose of protecting their goods from chipping, scratches and other kinds of damage. Thus this packing material is extremely useful during moving and relocation in Abu Dhabi. With bubble wrap you don’t have to panic about the number of items that are going to break the next time you move.

This is also the reason why this packing material is also used by manufacturers of sports goods, pharmaceuticals, electronic equipments, china ware, etc. Bubble wrap sheets come of different sizes, thickness specifications and can be purchased by the meter.

Many use The Box’s relocating services in Abu Dhabi. When they do so, they take the help of our team or do the packaging themselves by ordering packing material from The Box Shop. The Box also provides other kinds of material apart from bubble wrap. Stroll around at The Box Shop online at www.storageinabudhabi.com.

Image credit: www.rhs.org.uk

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