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Nov 16, 2015

How To Increase Space In Older Home?

You have no better place to live than your old house. Why? Because the patina on the outer and inner walls of the home brims with nostalgia, beauty, and also gives ample space. Oh wait. Space? Well, not really for many people. Space is often one area many end up comprising on space. But there is certainly not one but many ways one can increase space in his older home. Here are some resourceful tips to increase space in older home.


When youtake time to analyze your home with vigilant eyes, you are able to spot otherwise neglected spaces. While you do this, you can take notes of the possible space options.

Small inches matter | Local Removal Abu Dhabi

While you analyze your home, you will soon find enough nooks and corners that can be transformed into usable space. For instance, check for vacuum under stairs, small drawers in a hallway, or crawl spaces. All these spaces can be used to store different types of things.

Create space regardless of room type

Consider you have a laundry room which only stores a washing machine leaving ample space unused. What? Do you expect me to host my child’s birthday party there? No. But you can surely use the space to fill in with cupboard, streamers, party hats, and plates. And have a more spacious hall or bedroom. You see? Get creative and be practical with possibilities.

Get furniture that also makes way for storage | Relocation Services In Abu Dhabi

For instance, instead of glass coffee table get a similar sized trunk that can also store blankets and stuff. Just think- drawers for an empty space or just an empty space.

So maximize space and have a bigger and better home.

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