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May 25, 2021

How to pack without driving each other crazy

How does it feel?

Shifting places is a very hectic and frustrating job, especially for partners. It needs a lot of coordination and effort. People have got their relations in a lot of trouble because of it.

Since I’d rather cut off a finger than call moving companies, Nick gathered estimates, transferred utilities, and dealt with paperwork while I packed. Working on separate projects kept us out of each other’s hair and off each other’s backs.

Declutter as You Go

When you start packing make sure to plan the step and allocate each other's duties. This will help you got through the process in a better and easier way. Make sure that both complete the duties on time and without much of each other's interference. This will help keep you away from heated arguments and duplication of work.

 If pack your own

Before packing the common items pack for yourself. You have to start from somewhere why not own an item. This process will leave only the common things to be packed. When you pack your own stuff first it will take lesser time as you don't have to wait to discuss with someone or approval of the partner. It makes it stress-free and leaves more time for packing common or household items.

Make a List, Check it Twice

It all comes down to staying on the same page. Good relationships thrive on good communication, strong support, and working as a team The key to all of this is a solid moving plan.

Most people underestimate how long packing takes and overestimate how much free time they have. Movers can help with packing, but it’s harder to do last-minute. We suggest starting the process at least a few months in advance. You’ll need time for details like figuring out when you can move into the new place, reserving parking spots, and finding the best pros for the job. The less you leave to the last minute, the less frazzled you’ll be.

Let the Pros Help You Move Stuff

It is very important to choose reputable movers. It simply means they should meet your standards for trust, truth, and transparency and have better business practice,”

Before hiring a mover do a little research into it. Get a sense of their track record and recommendation from family & friends. Is it a place of business, an apartment, a mail drop? If you’re moving within your community, drive by and see that a real company exists, that real people work there. See that they have the equipment to do the job.”

Ask what services and packages they offer that can help in the relocation process. Some can help transfer utility services, some partner with real estate offices, etc. If not, they can often refer you to someone who can.”

Just takeout

Once you start the process make sure you forget about other stress like office work, cooking, etc. Just order for taking out of maybe heat a ready-to-eat mix. Your main focus is going to be packing. Treat it as a party and enjoy the process of moments together. The process involves a lot of physical as well as mental stress, make sure you eat and rest properly between breaks.

People underestimate how long it will take them to get unpacked. Moving day itself is mentally and emotionally exhausting. Supporting each family member is key in a successful move.

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