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Oct 22, 2020

If the bike is your bae, here are effective tips for secure motorcycle storage


Even though bikes are quite robust machines, they need protection from certain elements for their upkeep. And that’s why motorcycle storage is paramount. It’s all about doing the right things with your bike so that it runs on the road with a roar for a longer period. Here are our top tips for effective motorcycle storage. Let’s delve.

For the short run

This section is especially for those who won’t be riding their motor machines for up to 14-15 days. The good news is that you won’t have to do too much work.

First things first, clean your motorbike to avoid mildew attack. And let it go through waxing to restore the paint's health and shine.

Pro tip – use a rubber conditioner to secure your motorcycle against the dampening effects of sun and sand (used for poetic effect, the sand here means dust). Don’t forget to cover your bae!

Ground rule – take the wheels off the ground!

This is often ignored. But trust us when we say that if you religiously follow this, make it a habit, your bike will thank you by staying smooth on the road and you will thank us!

Getting your bike's wheels lifted from the ground means the wheels are protected against the risk of wearing out, softening, and eroding over long periods of inertia. This is usually not a risk factor when you are planning to abandon your bike for say less than 15 days. But, if this is going to be over a long haul or if your motorcycle is going to stay outdoors in the summer on a pavement, consider getting your bike's feet off the ground!

Pro tip 1– You can let the battery stay in the motorcycle. No need to use a stabilizer or some ethanol-free gasoline to prevent fuel drain. Without doing any of this, your fuel will remain topped off!

Pro tip 2 – To avoid not-so-good surprises with your bike, consider storing your motorcycle in your secure garage or parking area.

For the long run

If you’re putting your bike away in storage for a longer period then you need to consider battery upkeep and maintenance. It’s one of the most essential things to effective motorcycle storage over the long haul.

Simplicity is key. So simply take the battery out and reattach it when you are going to hit the road again.

Pro tip - go for a maintenance charger. It is easy to use and connect. It will provide the necessary charge throughout the winter season without damaging your battery.

Ideal motorcycle storage place

It’s indoors! Your motorcycle is the safest and happiest and healthiest when parked inside.

Pro tip – keep your motorcycle away from windows or any such cavities that pose the risk of theft, moisture damage, and paintwork fading out.

Don’t have enough room for motorcycle storage at home or office? Storage in Abu Dhabi can help. Our secure storage units will protect your bike against all odds and seasons.

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