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Oct 28, 2020

Nursery Room Storage Hacks


Not enough nursery room storage in your house? Here are 6 top nursery storage hacks to save the day!

From a toy-strewn room to a litter of diapers, babies are little but they sure do need a lot of things! If you are residing in a compact space, dealing with all those diapers, wipes, Lego bricks, toys, tiny clothes and whatnots can be overwhelming. But worry not. We have got you covered with our carefully curated list of top nursery storage hacks. They will get even the tiniest nursery in order for you. Let’s delve.

1. Turn the unutilised area into a nursery room

Remember the space in your attic or under the stairs? Or anyplace else in your house that gets rarely used? Why not convert it to your nursery room! It might sound a bit weird to have your baby sleep there but with the right d├ęcor and suitable lighting, you’ll have a cozy little nursery room for your baby who will love it!

2. Think small

It was one of the most famous ads in the advertising campaign for the Volkswagen Beetle. And the soul of it applies here too. For instance, why get a giant baby crib when a small one is enough? Think small folks when it comes to baby wagons! Similarly, get furniture that folds or doesn’t take up much space.

3. The changing table is a fable

There’s no need for a separate changing table. So just get rid of it and you’ll be thankful for the amount of space it will leave behind.

Pro tip – Instead, get a portable changing desk, a multi-purpose crib, or a dressing table with a changing pad. There are ample options that’d make for your baby's changing space!

4. Add little baskets and wooden canisters for more storage

You will find many baby storage containers. They will help you keep your little nursery neat and organised. They’re perfect to hold toys, Lego bricks, diapers, towels, milk bottles, blankets, and more.

Pro tip – You will even find them handy for storing art and craft items as your baby grows!

5. Don’t miss out on the storage space on walls

The key is to select items that serve many functions and if possible, could be hanged on walls. For example, hang baby girl headbands and bows on the wall from a DIY hangar made using clips and a wooden rectangle frame which you might find in your attic. If you don’t want to make it, simply buy it. You can even get a customised one that has your little princess's name on it!

6. Use a tension rod to eliminate storage tension!

Teeny-weeny baby shoes. So cute and adorable they are, aren’t they? But the shape of these shoes makes them difficult to store. Not anymore. Keep the tiny baby footwear organised by simply dangling them from a tension rod. Not only does it keep baby footwear safe, but allows you to revel in the cuteness of those tiny feet!

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