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Dec 16, 2020

Amazing tips to get organised before the New Year comes knocking on your door!


The coming of New Year always kindles a spark of enthusiasm and hope. People make resolutions, and prepare to welcome new ideas and changes. In support of this receptive spirit of new beginnings, we’ve curated a list of effective tips to help you get organised this year.

1. Dejunk

First up in our list of getting organised tips is - sorting out the clutter. Clear the space in your house or office by disposing of clutter and other unwanted possessions. You may have already finished this once before Christmas, but if you look around you will find more items that need to be purged from your space as well as your life to welcome the New Year. It will only help you to get organised.

Pro tip -

Allocate mess into categories – Retain. Throw. Sell. Donate.

Result? It will leave behind a new, fresh, organised house!

2. Get your kitchen organised

An organised kitchen is not just about closed doors and drawers. You need to make sure that every nook and cranny of the kitchen is free from clutter as it’s a high-traffic space used by almost everyone in the house. To start organising your kitchen in an effective as well as efficient manner with the least amount of anxiety it is best to start in an area where it’s easy to conquer clutter. For instance, you can start with the drawer that holds utensils (if you don’t have one, make one only dedicated to utensils). Empty it, clean all the utensils, wipe them thoroughly, sort out the things you’ve gotten out, and put back only those which fit the purpose – only utensils like serving plates and other flatware.

Next, enlarge your focus area. Start emptying every drawer and category wise put the things on the platform. Once you have emptied all the drawers, start to review every category and edit stuff that you no longer need or want.

After you are done with drawers, start with cabinets and so on.

You will see eventually you will have organised your entire kitchen! But, don’t go overboard - one area at a time!

3. Purge your files

Your folders, as well as cabinets, can become a breeding ground for obsolete papers and documents. This is the best time to get rid of the old (and unwanted) thus making room for the fresh and new.

We recommend you to start with records related to old client projects and finance. You just have to ask yourself this question – Am I going to need these documents in the New Year?

4. Get organised in style

Getting organised is no more a functional thing; it is nowadays being taken up to enhance style across space. Let’s look at a few such stylish yet simple and innovative storage means to get organised.

Storage containers – Not only are they practical but also provide creative as well as unique decorating options. You should look for quality shelving and storage container options online or offline.

Galvanised boxes – They’re ideal to hold everything from farming gear to cleaning supplies. You can get them at specialty stores and flea markets at cheaper rates. Apart from storing and organising things, they enhance the aesthetics of a place.

Baskets – You can easily tuck in items of craft, toiletries as well as magazines in some cute looking baskets.

Concluding bonus tip –

Looking for something cheaper? Get your hands on transparent plastic shoeboxes. They are perfect to store office supplies, items of craft and they stack up wonderfully.

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