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Sep 17, 2020

Relocating to a smaller place? We’ve got the perfect downsizing tips you need!

How do you trim and move a generation of memories and possessions from a big family house to a compact space? It may seem daunting deciding what to carry along, what to flick away, and of course, dealing with a deluge of emotions especially if you have stayed for a long time. But, our expert tips for moving will help you sail through it all. Let’s delve.

Keep what’s important

When downsizing, ‘less is more’ is the buzzword. Get rid of things that are not important to you. Coronavirus lead pandemic has made us all realise that minimalist living is the way forward. That doesn’t mean you have to comprise your quality of life. So ensure you make arrangements for your must-haves in your new home.

For instance, as you get used to less room inside your new compact abode, you may feel like going out more. Check if the place around your neighbourhood has plenty to offer like recreational hubs like a clubhouse or a tennis court. In this way, you will always have that sense of community.

Office inside home

Moving to a smaller place may put a frown on your face as you wonder – “What about my office space?” Let’s turn that frown upside down. Just find a corner you like and bring in a desk set-up that would fit right. If you want a private room as an office, make sure to check if the new place has enough room.

Pro tip - If nothing works, look for other homes or rent/find a co-working space.

Be open-minded

Moving to a smaller place need not put walls around your mind. Don't feel restricted. You’ll feel lighter and unburdened eventually as you realise how many things that you never needed have been taken off your shoulders! You have a lot of things to fall in love with - less maintenance, no more pressure to host a large number of people, and relocating to urban places. The latter can reduce your car drives in a comforting way and bring you closer to your favourite malls, restaurants and cultural programmes.

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