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Dec 10, 2012

How Do I Hire the Perfect Movers and Packers?

Moving, always involves a lot of hassle, stress, and of course expenses. To add to the anxiety, you find plenty of companies that say they will offer you the best deals in town. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to know precisely what are your needs and requirements so that you are not in the wrong hands. This blog’s aim is to help you in finding the perfect movers and packers by giving a few valuable tips that will help you steer your choices.

First and foremost, you need not rush into finalising a moving company just because you see a fancy advertisement. Avoid relying solely on advertisements that talk about always being on time, highly skilled and professional packers and movers, etc. Before the final deal is made, it is extremely vital you note down the names and contact numbers of at least five companies. This helps you enquire the rates and compare them with the other companies.

Once you have finalised the company and their prices, ask them to give you an estimate. Keep in mind, that you call them home, and not do it over the phone. Understand their package deals completely, while making sure of all the additional costs you may have to undertake. For instance, extra expenses if they are to cover a certain distance; or if the goods are over a certain weight.

Confirm with them whether they provide insurance. You could probably ask them general questions, like what happens if the goods are broken during transportation, under what all circumstances will they be accountable, and for how much. You could also find out whether the relocation company has special tools and equipment to help make the move smooth and convenient.

As soon as you are done with the above, get a signed contract that involves the costs, the pick-up and delivery dates, along with their additional services if any. In any case, do not make final payment unless all your goods are delivered and a follow up has been done in case of damage.

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