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May 14, 2012

What not to Store in your Self-Store Unit

Everyone loves having a self-storage space because it allows them to hold onto the stuff that they like and goods and objects that have sentimental value. Here in Abu Dhabi, the arid climate along with the moisture-laden winds that come in from the ocean create infinite number of problems when it comes to storage of almost any item be it food, furniture or even electronics.
This is why climate-controlled self-storage units in Abu Dhabi are a hit, simply because they present a simplified storage solution that acts as an extension of space to homes and offices and also provides the necessary protection to their goods.

So what should one not store in a personal storage unit? Well, when it comes to office equipment almost anything can be stored—be it supplies to old computers to bundles and bundles of printing paper. When it comes to personal/household storage one must simply avoid items food items of any sort (your storage unit is not a refrigerator). Other than that almost anything that you need to store can be stored out here; from clothing to appliances to exercise equipment right down old portraits and photographs.

We at The Box will also ensure that your items are left untouched just the way you left them in your personal storage unit in Abu Dhabi. We at The Box keep storage simple and convenient just the way you like it. 

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