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Oct 12, 2012

Schedule Your Move Abu Dhabi Storage Company Moving Services

You are moving out, and in all likelihood you’d be excited, but at the same time have you thought about the complexities you would face? Quite honestly, very few of us enjoy transfers; be it in Abu Dhabi or anywhere across the globe, yet everybody loves being in a new place. However, the eagerness of a different and new place more often than not disappears when we realize the things that need to be covered when moving out. Subsequently, why not put in a little extra effort along with the removal company, by preparing a list to facilitate our moving process ?

Six Weeks: It may sound strange to you. You may be thinking what is the need to start the preparation six weeks in advance? But believe me packing is not everybody’s cup of tea. Take a look at all the stuff you have, and classify them in the items you want, and the ones you want to discard.

Five Weeks: Once you have sorted all your items, get all your records and documents photocopied and registered. These could include your insurance coverage, school and medical records, electricity and water bills etc.

Three Weeks: Avoid carrying stuff that will not be needed. It is no point in cluttering the new place with useless items. Remember movingcompanies are going to be charging you as per the number of boxes they have to pack for you, so the lesser the better for you.

Two Weeks: Confirm your relocation with the new place. Inform the various service operators about the due dates of your bills. You may also want to either close or transfer all your bank accounts. Make sure you pick up all your items from the storage units, if any, and the things you have loaned. In addition, make arrangements to stop all your utility and delivery services.

One Week: Pack up your personal luggage separately; the ones that you will need while travelling. The rest can be packed and labelled in boxes by the moving company in special corrugated containers and bubble wraps. Ask for utility connections at your new home, you don’t want to end up with no light and water on your first day at the new place. Pack up your medicines. Set aside clothing, toiletry, snacks, and additional items you will be taking.

One Day Before and On the Day of Move:  Make a last check of every room, closet, attic, and garage. Latch and lock all the windows and doors.

If you follow the above precisely, you would never go wrong! Happy Moving.

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