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Dec 7, 2012

Storage Units: Perfect for Heritage Articles and Items!

We all love to collect stuff. The irreplaceable ones become the family heirloom and antiques. However, there are those times when you are compelled to put away some of your favourite stuff in order to make more room in the house. In cases like these, storing your family belongings in a self-storagefacility may perhaps be a fantastic idea. You may ask how are you to trust the storage company with your delicate and fragile items? Well, if the packing and storing is done correctly, you can be confident about their safety and maintenance.

Climate-controlled storage: Antiques are delicate and extremely susceptible to damage. You have to ensure that they are well-maintained, and for this storage ought to be climate-controlled. Severe temperatures can adversely affect them. Thus, maintaining a consistent temperature is ideal. This can be used for paintings, wooden articles, leather items, etc.

Ground floor units: You don’t want to spoil and damage delicate items while transporting them. So, look for a unit that has easy accessibility and is preferably on the ground floor.

Security and insurance: Burglar alarms, CCTVs, lock codes are very important when it comes to safety and security of goods. Also, ensure that you have taken insurance for all your valuables.

Now that you know what all needs to be done before renting a storageunit, let us find out the kind of storage you need to do so as to keep them in perfect condition.

At the outset, make certain that you have an entire record of the contents. Spray some furniture polish onto wooden items and furniture. Along with this, condition the leather products; and to prevent metal objects from rust, wipe them with oil. If you are to store mirrors and paintings, do so, on the end, but never let them lie down flat. Similarly, don’t stack the furniture. You could also pack the materials in boxes, bubble wrap, towels, etc for added safety for your valuables.

Storage companies are on the rise and have proven to be a brilliant way to save space and leave more room without having to do away with any of your valuables. 

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