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Oct 12, 2009

Unwanted Documents

Sensitive information is not limited to bank statements alone. Any printed confidential information like medical certificates, records, etc. at your home or workplace are at risk, especially when disposed off in an incorrect manner. Identity theft through different means is on the rise and is a serious issue. But when it comes to a business, identity theft becomes even more serious as it leads to immense financial losses. Thus, document shredding services available at record/ document storage facilities in Abu Dhabi, is a smart way to deal with unwanted confidential information.

People always tend to believe that they will never be a victim of identity theft, until they experience such a situation themselves. Thus you need to protect your paper documents by submitting them to a reliable storage facility in Abu Dhabi (while you need them and even while you don’t). Disposing off of information securely can benefit your employees, your customers as well as your company. But on the other hand, if you fail to do so, your information is subject to risks like theft, misuse, disclosure, legal discovery or even the violation of Data Protection Laws in UAE, which requires its citizens to dispose information responsibly.

Therefore, while storing your documents securely in an Abu Dhabi storage company, make sure you also take the advantage of its various record management services too. Our storage solution in Abu Dhabi The Box, provides record management services like - document scanning, storing, recycling, viewing and compliance services along with document shredding.

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