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Oct 13, 2009

Air conditioned storage... Why?

Whenever people hear the term ‘air conditioned self storage’ for the 1st time, they always seem to hang a puzzled expression on their faces. Initially, self-storage in UAE did begin as a business that provided space in exchange for money. Those days nobody had issues related to security, maintenance and customized storage in UAE. But today, it should be realized that air-conditioned self-storage units have a purpose too.

The wrong temperature conditions often deteriorate goods. Excess heat and humidity both, contribute to the spoilage of certain goods. With an air conditioned environment you could actually reduce the factors that could damage organic items like leather or wooden furniture, paper, clothes, etc. Air conditioned storage facilities are thus useful as many items we store are usually organic. Documents storage facilities in Abu Dhabi also need such storage options as many of our valuable assets are usually stored in the form of paper. The idea of storing food in an air conditioned storage unit has also been implemented since a long time. Such climate controlled storage prevents decomposition. How else would we be able to relish food from all over the world?

Of course there are additional costs all related to the electricity bill compared to a regular storage unit in Abu Dhabi. But don’t forget that an air conditioned storage unit is an investment and not an expense. For climate controlled storage, contact our storage company The Box. We make provisions for any storage requirement you may have in UAE.

Image credit: www.homegrown-hydroponics.com

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