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Aug 31, 2009

Long Live your Possessions!

The extra storage spaces people have in their homes are proving to be inadequate by the day. The amount of things we want to preserve are increasing and the amount of empty space to store our favourite items are decreasing. For this reason, storage facilities offer a variety of storage options including climate controlled facilities as well as different storage unit sizes in Abu Dhabi. Climate controlled storage may cost a little more than standard storage units. But when it comes to preserving your possessions, they are more advantageous.

Only a few storage solutions in Abu Dhabi provide climate controlled environments. The main advantage of such an environment is protection of your sensitive belongings (antiques, musical instruments) from the elements. Storage facilities are usually built in a way to protect your goods from the rain. Their roofs are impermeable and the facility is usually built at a height to prevent floods from damaging your goods. The temperature in your storage facility is also controlled, as extreme temperatures cause woodworks, musical instruments and antiques to spoil. This facility is required especially in long term storage units. Regulated facilities also provide the huge advantage of preventing termites from thriving and eating into items made of wood. Pests are also kept at bay through tough concrete and metal construction.

We provide all these facilities at our Abu Dhabi storage company known as The Box. We understand that other than these facilities, ‘peace of mind’ is the main advantage that any customer looks for. This is why we do our best to let your priced possessions live long…

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