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Apr 20, 2021

The benefits of renting storage units – Get some extra space


Every item has a memory attached to it. When we are relocating or renovating or maybe just decluttering, the belonging needs to be stored as well. The main challenge is to be able to store it safely, but not in the house or office. The memory can be an antique study table or maybe a bicycle etc. – a storage unit is a solution. One of the USP of renting storage units is the extra space you have.

Depending on the size and quality of the unit, you might need to take special care of some belongings.  

Planning a move? Store the extra moving boxes

Planning to move to Abu Dabhi? The move in the boxes. It’s not just moving but moving safely... If you are moving your home, you might need to store your moving boxes before getting the keys to your new house. This not only helps you get things to settle on time but also helps to have a clear vision of what would fit in the new house out of the storage.

On the other hand, the most convenient solution for company relocation is storage units. Moving a business or starting a new franchise, you no more need to worry about things like office furniture and other inventory. Just call StorageInAbhuDhabi to help you move and store. Professionals help to transport as well as store the items in the right and safe way.

Good Quality Storage

Good storage is the one which has got the following things are done right:

  • Clean Space
  • Insurance of Goods
  • Good Lighting
  • The proper size
  • 24*7 access to the facility  
  • Climate Control units
  • Security Camera

Checking these out of the list makes sure that your items are safe and worth the money paid. The flexibility due to its customized storage option makes it worthy of hire.

Guaranteed Security

Storage facilities being a business offer more security than our homes.

The use of advanced technology makes the premises secure for storage. The technology included gadgets like surveillance cameras and exterior lighting to increase visibility, security fences as well as qualified security guards. Why compromise with the security by storing valuable items in a storage unit rather than in the garage or basement of our houses.

Seasonal storage e.g. during a long holiday

Many people are choosing the option of working home or maybe their work is travel. These categories choose short-term accommodation, which requires storing the purchased items a place while on wheels. StorageinAbuDabhi is the solution to such a dilemma. 

Increasing trend of work from home due to post-Covid, storage is going to be the future.

Temporary Arrangement:

Many offices have their presence over land and switched remote digital working. Such offices can store their cabinet files, unused office equipment, and other items which are of no use currently. 

As of now, they don't need a feel office it reduces storage cost. You will only incur a monthly rental fee only without the risk of losing your items whatsoever.

The same office can be rented to someone in need of an extra income.

Cost Benefits

Keeping all your items in storage rather than renting out an extra office is cheaper. Additionally, these facilities offer packing services s and hence if you need to store items, you will just require to just call StorageInAbuDhabi.

So for safe and convenient storage hire a professional.

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