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Nov 20, 2017

Best tips to unpack after moving houses

When you have to shift houses, packing and moving may seem like the most difficult part, but with a good moving company in Abu Dhabi, things will be pretty smooth on that front. Unpacking in a new house, when you’re already tired from moving, can be daunting. Here are some points to remember to ensure smooth unpacking.

1. Pack by need, not category

Accepted logic says ‘Pack similiar things together’, whereas it makes more sense to pack a separate box of essential materials only. Get some packaging materials in Abu Dhabi and put together items necessary for the first day of moving - basic appliances, food items, clothes, bed linen, toiletries, etc. Open these and get settled, post which you can unpack other boxes at your own pace.

2. Get help

While the elders of the family may want to do everything on their own, you must let everyone contribute to unpacking. Young ones may be given sturdy and safe items to unpack, and if they have a say in how their room will look like, they will be more enthusiastic about moving.

3. Personalize unpacking

Each household has different priorities, and the unpacking should reflect that. If your life is centred around food, set up the kitchen first. If you can’t live without your TV or laptop, those should be the first to come out of the boxes to have a smooth transition.

4. Check against inventory

We’re assuming you will have made an inventory list to minimize loss and theft, so once all the items are in, check them against the list you’ve made. Track items that seem to be missing. Do this when all boxes are unpacked and save yourself some panic and stress.

Did you like these unpacking tips? Keep them in mind and make moving houses a breeze!

Image source: allthefrugalladies.com

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