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Oct 25, 2017

How to store expensive clothes to extend their life

Clothes maketh man (and woman, too). All of us have a few outfits that are the pride of our wardrobe, clothes that are high on both investment and emotional value.  Such statement pieces, however, are worn quite infrequently, so it’s the sensible thing to do is use personal storage in Abu Dhabi and save on precious closet space.

Here are some tips to store your sartorial beauties.

1. Spic and span: Your clothes, especially the ones that you have worn even once, need to be cleaned according to care instructions. Sweat, dust, perfume and makeup stains become more harmful to clothes in storage.

2. Wrap ‘em!: Most expensive pieces have studs, embroidery or other designs that can get entangled or spoiled. Wrap such pieces in muslin cloth and layer each fold with natural butter paper for utmost care.

3. Packing: This stage depends on the kind of material. Pack in a way that there is some air flow to the clothes as they will turn musty otherwise. Use hangers sparingly as they cause clothes to stretch and lose shape. Garment bags are preferable over plastic bags.

4. Storage: Use sturdy plastic boxes in place of cardboard cartons as cardboard is a magnet for fungus, mice and insects. Label each box correctly and set aside. Stack each outfit well, starting from heavy ones at the bottom, and the lighter and smaller pieces at the top.

Once you’re done, take your packed boxes to personal storage in Abu Dhabi and keep them stored for as long as you want! This way, your wardrobe is free for everyday outfits while your expensive and dear pieces are safe and secure in storage units in Abu Dhabi.

Image source: saga.co.uk

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