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May 17, 2017

Tackling the Consequences of Less Storage Space at Home

Less storage could mean stacking up boxes upon boxes in a corner and hurting yourself when one of them falls upon your inadvertent bumping into the boxes in the night. Injuries like such can be prevented when there is less storage space at home by following some easy tips as mentioned below.

Light it up

The easiest way to prevent injuries in the night is by carrying a torch. However, if you happen to go up and down the stairs often and are less likely to carry a torch every time, we have a solution.

#Solution- Make the outdoor steps a lot safer by installing cheap solar-powered lights surrounding the borders on both sides. You can also use small porch light bulbs.

Stay safe in the snow

During snowfall, snow blobs may get glued to your boots making you stumble as you walk and eventually slip and injure yourself. Avoid all this by placing ice grips on your boots.

Stairs are not to store

Storing anything on the stairs may seem like a momentary solution. However, it is not going to help you when you fall over a protruding lamp which you didn’t notice. Stairs are not for storage at all. If you struggle to find space in your home, put all your storage woes on us. Our team of movers and packers in Abu Dhabi will provide you with comprehensive storage solutions.

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