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Apr 20, 2016

5 Important Tips To Stay Healthy While On The Move

Moving is an onerous task bound to make you feel nauseated sometimes. In any case, here are some simple tips to prevent health issues while moving.

Strengthen your back:

It usually happens that first time movers who don’t regularly exercise or not that fit experience back aches while moving. It is therefore recommended to do little stretching exercises before lifting heavy goods.

Wear right:

What you wear have a significant role to determine your wear and tear. In other words, wear loose clothes so that you feel comfortable always and closed shoes to avoid bumming into unseen objects on the ground and hurting your feet while carrying those boxes.

Don’t overfill:

Avoid filling the boxes to the brim as it is dangerous while carrying those boxes. Things might overtly fall from the boxes causing unnecessary injuries or repetition of mundane task of gathering things again and filling the box. The boxe can simply tear off from the bottom if you burden it with weights more than it can sustain.

Use helpful equipments:

For instance, dollies are a great help while moving heavy items like furniture. Use gloves to protect your soft hands and fingers from getting scraped or hurt. Another great set of tools are furniture sliders.


In the end our Movers & Packers In Abu Dhabi would recommend to keep small children and pets away during moving incidences. Keep them at friend’s place or get a babysitter for kids.

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