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Feb 4, 2015

Do It Yourself: A Laundry Podium So Handy!

When you hear podium what comes to your mind? Perhaps a raised platform for a person to give inordinate speeches.

However, did you know that a podium could make the process of managing your laundry more convenient?

If that makes you inquisitive, read on to know how it is done?


Now it so happened that I was sitting behind my windowpane and was gazing the beautiful stars at night. It was a beautiful moment only until the mess of our laundry struck me. We always experienced problems in terms of sorting the clothes. Which ones to put to wash? Which ones are whites? Which ones are dark and colored? We had an idea but it was just an image in the mind like above. We wondered if we could make the idea come alive. For the first few weeks, the idea was ignored until last week. And today we are all happy that we executed the idea to make it come true. I am sure it will help you loads like how it helps us!


Get 2 similar sized frames like above. (You can use the useless wooden shelves or alike.) Attach the two frames on top of another to get an object like this.

It is very easy to assemble the frames to create a box like above. You just need few screws and adhesives. Still if you are finding it hard then take help of a professional. (This will cost very less than buying readymade stands). And when you’re done, paint the entire podium and TADA..You have you own handy laundry podium!

Now put this podium under your washer with suitable labels. You will be overwhelmed with two key benefits.

1. You will find your washer raised to a back-friendly height.
2. Even kids will be able to sort and put the items in the respective blocks easily!

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