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Nov 13, 2013

Smart tips to store food in the refrigerator

Every day you eat to your heart’s content, so it becomes immensely important to store food the right way. Often you do not know what to do with leftover food and end up throwing them which is not a good idea. Listed below is a set of smart tips for storing food in your refrigerator:

1.      Fruits and vegetables - Keep fruits and vegetables separately in the section given for them.  Make sure apples are kept with apples, pears with pears and so on. Do not mix up all the fruits as they may get spoilt easily in that case.

2.      Leftovers – Remember that leftovers cannot remain in good shape for long, so it’s never a good idea to keep them stored for long. Keep them in the fridge for a day or two depending upon the nature of the food. Store the leftover food in airtight containers and make sure you use them up soon. 

3.      Meat and poultry - Though non-vegetarian stuff such as fish, chicken and others can be easily stowed in the freezer, you need to make sure that they are not mixed with other products. Often ice-creams and milk shakes are also stored in the freezer. Your ice-creams may end up getting spoilt if they come into contact with the non-vegetarian stuff. That’s why there are refrigerators which have a separate section altogether for meat and poultry. 

4.      Dairy products - Store all the dairy products such as milk, cream and cheese in their respective containers. But once they are out in a bowl or any other vessel, do not put them back into their containers as there are chances of spoilage. Instead simply cover the container with a foil or any other protective material and keep the container compact and clean.

Keep these simple tips in mind before you refrigerate your food at home.

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