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Jun 25, 2013

Guidelines When Moving Out With Teens

Moving out? Changing cities? May be you are prepared, but is your teenage ready too? Not wanting to move is pretty normal. After all, it is leaving behind everything that has been familiar, and it indeed is going to be difficult. Don’t make your teenager feel neglected, but be aware of their feelings. It will help ease the anxiety. You could do the following:

1.   Ask questions: It is a time when teenagers are going through mixed emotions. Amidst their fear, they also have excitement, but then again they are confused. Ask them questions, let them ask you too. Tell them why did you decide to move and if there is an alternative. Give them as much as information as possible. At the same time, let them speak their heart out, and ou be the patient listener. It goes a long way.

2.   Involve them: Teenagers have to leave behind their friends, school and a lot of memories. It is stressful. They may not be completely happy with the idea of moving out, but if you involve them in the relocation process, it will help them feel a little more in control of things. You could let them pack their room, lend a hand with household fixes, etc. Being physically involved in the move will get them ready mentally.

3.   Give them the needed time: Allow your teenage to take their own time. They need time to say adieu. You could probably host a party or simply have fun by inviting friends. You can even let them go out with their best friend for a whole day or may be a picnic. It will ease the mind and help in being better prepared. Besides, make sure you take time out to click as many pictures as possible. It definitely will bring back fond memories of yesteryear.

4.    Promise to keep in touch: One of the major fears of the relocation process is losing out on old friends. It is true that they will leave their friends behind, but then its not forever. Ensure that they have taken their mail ids and phone numbers and given theirs too. Technology has brought the world closer and it is not difficult to chat, share pictures and videos.

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