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Dec 15, 2010

Storing furniture Safely

Wooden furniture has value and this furniture adds beauty to your house. If these furniture are of old times they might look out of trend but their value never decreases. Some like to use them while some preserve it. But as the time passes because of the dust, pollution furniture starts losing its shine. You need to remember some techniques of preserving the furniture. They are:
1. Wooden furniture absorbs moisture. To protect the furniture from getting damaged because of the moisture you need to protect it by covering with water proof covers. In Dubai there is more humidity so it is best to use humidifier to control humidity.
2. Because of the sunlight it is possible that your furniture may get fade up. It is necessary to place the furniture in right place. Also because of extreme sunlight the furniture may crack down.
3. Place pads and mats under the vase, glass and tea cups as they may protect your wooden furniture from getting scratch and also will prevent the furniture from getting rings or marks which appear if the vase, glass or tea cups is wet.
4. Protecting your furniture from termites is a very difficult task. Insects are the biggest threat to your furniture, especially the old ones. There are anti-termite liquids available in the market which you can apply to your furniture by yourself.
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image credit: interiordecorationsite.com

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