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Nov 16, 2010

Do Not Store These Things in Storage Facility

Every storage company has some does and don’ts about what should be stored in the storage facility and what should not be stored. But every storage company follow different rule book. These rules are made for the betterment and to protect the goods in storage facility. Following things are not allowed to be stored in storage facility in Abu Dhabi:
1. Things like fireworks, fuels, gun powder etc. are not allowed to be stored in storage facility in Abu Dhabi as these items are combustible and they can easily catch fire. Except for the fuel in a vehicle, stored in the facility, no other hazardous material is admitted.
2. Plants give rise to insects and pests so; even plants are not allowed in storage facility. Same is with animals; they are not allowed to be stored.
3. Perishable food items like vegetables, fruits etc are mostly not allowed to be stored in storage facility. So before storing these items it is advisable to make proper enquiry.
4. Ornaments are kept safely in locker, not every storage company would allow you to store expensive jewelleries like gold, diamond etc.
There are few companies who deny keeping these articles it doesn’t mean that all the companies follow the same rule book. Before registering with a storage company check the guidelines of the company carefully. To know about Storage in Abu Dhabi log on to http://www.storageinabudhabi.com.

image credit: dailymail.co.uk

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