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Jan 12, 2010

Delivery Service Choices at The Box

When you are already a customer of a storage facility in Abu Dhabi, you normally have to use the moving services that the same company provides. This means, that you cannot opt for other better local moving services in UAE, even if you feel like. This only concludes that the storage solution in Abu Dhabi that you primarily choose should have effective delivery or transportation services too.

Transportation is one of the main aspects customers are generally worried about, when it comes to shifting goods (especially fragile items) from one place to the other. Therefore, those with The Box are lucky once again, with moving services that they can rely on. No matter where your goods are The Box’s moving services will reach them. Even if you require help in only handle the heavy goods, The Box provides this option as well. Not only that, your trusted Abu Dhabi storage company has designed different packages especially for your moving and removal needs.

Full transportation move along with handling, manpower and packing services.

Full truck transportation move from point A to point B

Courier mode transportation which can either be on local or international territory.

The moving services are classified within the above 3 packages, thus allowing you to choose which ever one that best suits your need. Packaged deals are always created in the intension of reducing costs. Therefore, moving and relocation in Abu Dhabi turns out to be very cost-effective with The Box.

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